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Natural Organic Chemical Free Skin Care - Hypnotic Skinssentials | UNSPOTTED BEAUTY – Hypnotic Skinssentials Cleopatra Body Scrub Review (+Body Mist & Butter)
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UNSPOTTED BEAUTY – Hypnotic Skinssentials Cleopatra Body Scrub Review (+Body Mist & Butter)

UNSPOTTED BEAUTY – Hypnotic Skinssentials Cleopatra Body Scrub Review (+Body Mist & Butter)

While I love trying new skincare products, I am very minimalist when it comes to caring for the skin on my body. I will spend all kinds of amounts for my face, but for my body? Girl, I buy the cheapest razors around. Plus I am lazy. I mean, I know women who will literally spend hours in the bathroom scrubbing, moisturizing, massaging…but that’s not me. Every once in a while though, I decide to try something new. Get a new shower gel, bubble bath, hell…even a tummy tightening gel 

But have you ever seen me review any of these products here? That’s right. I never use them long enough to be able to get a good review out. I am just that lazy with it. But…that day has come ladies & gents. It’s been a long time coming! YES. I’ve been consistently using the Hypnotic Skinssentials Cleopatra Body Scrub for a few weeks now and am liking it quite a bit.

The first thing to know about this product is that it is 100% natural and that, truthfully, you could make it at home. With the exception of…the smell. And that’s really what has been drawing me back to this product time after time.

What’s in it?

Sucrose/sucre, hellanthus annuus (sunflower) oil, vegetable glycerin/glycérin végétale. Prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil,oryza sativa (rice) bran oil and/et persea gratissima (avocado) oil. Fragrance/parfum: Cleopatra Blend.

So basically it sugar, sunflower oil, glycerin, sweet almond oil, rice bran oil, avocado oil. All things you can get in your closest grocery store. But then, when it comes to the fragrance it’s a mix of essential oils they named the Cleopatra Blend. And, God, I suck at describing scents but let me try. Hypnotic Skinssentials does say that there is both vanilla and ylang ylang in there but that’s not all. It is a rich, feminine, sweet fragrance. The scrub itself is moisturizing and will melt on your skin. I use it on damp skin and will scrub pretty vigorously until the sugar dissolves. The result is moisturized, soft, glowy skin and that wonderful fragrance left behind. I use it once a week. I suggest making sure you wash your tub afterwards since when you rince the scrub off it will make it quite slippery.

If you want to try it out, Hypnotic Skinssentials offers free samples of their products until September 1st. To get your free samples go to their website here

If you’re like me and you fall in love with the Cleopatra blend I suggest you try the Cleopatra Body Mist (16$); a light and refreshing mist with the exact same smell as the body scrub as well as the Cleopatra Body Butter (19$)

I tried the Hypnotic Body Mist and Body Butter and they smell just as good.

Another thing I forgot to mention: all of these products are 100% natural. The body mist contains no alcohol either which means you could safely use it on your children…like I do. These are the types of products you can use on yourself without fear of “intoxicating” your child.

I suggest you give it a try.