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Natural Organic Chemical Free Skin Care - Hypnotic Skinssentials | Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil
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Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil

Benefits of Carrot Seed Oil

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Skin is our largest organ—adults carry some 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) and 22 square feet (2 square meters) of it. So why not make sure you are treating your outside just as good as your insides.
Carrot seed oil’s benefits for the skin stem largely from the presence of vitamin A and beta-carotene in it. Both of these ingredients are antioxidants, nutrients that shield the skin from oxidative particles known as free radicals. The human body is constantly bombarded by free radicals, which act on cells and produce what is known as oxidative damage. The gradual oxidative damage caused by free radicals is the primary mechanism for aging.
Studies have proven that consuming antioxidant-rich foods and applying antioxidant-rich formulas to the skin helps to delay the aging process. As a result, carrot seed oil is our main ingredient in our Carrot Butter Milk Cleanser used to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from developing. Some evidence suggests that antioxidants can even rejuvenate the skin cells to make existing expression lines and wrinkles less noticeable.
Derivatives of vitamin A, such as retinol, are commonly used in the treatment of acne. The ingredients sourced from the vitamin hasten the cellular turnover process, preventing the pores from becoming clogged by dead skin cells. Recent clinical studies show that the presence of vitamin A in carrot seed oil may make it an effective ingredient for acne, which has led to its inclusion in some acne cleansers, toners and moisturizers.
Carrot seed oil is also an emollient, a substance that lubricates the cells in the outermost layer of the skin. The oil helps to replenish moisture that is lost from the skin due to evaporation, making it a useful ingredient in moisturizers. The emollient properties of carrot seed oil also allow it to soften the skin tissue. The ingredient is often included in products designed for the treatment of eczema and rosacea.
As a natural ingredient, carrot seed oil is generally well tolerated and not a known allergen; however, other ingredients in products that contain the oil could produce side effects in people with sensitive skin.
Beta-carotene does not only have extremely positive effects on our skin, but also some very important health benefits. It helps detoxify liver and blood and reinforces the immune system, but one of its most important functions consists in protecting and improving eyesight.
Our liver transforms Beta-carotene into Vitamin A (also called retinol), which is a vitamin that is highly concentrated in the eye retina and essential for good night vision. Vitamin A is a structural component of visual purple, which is a biological pigment of the retina that helps prevent night blindness and weak vision and enables eyes to adapt to the darkness.
The lack of vitamin A may have dangerous consequences for our eyes, such as eye fatigue, sensitivity to light, and dry eyelids.